The Integration of Health & Social Care.

An Act was passed, (the Public Bodies (Joint Working) Scotland Act 2014, this is the key driver for the Integration of Health and Social Care services.

‘Integration’ means services working together and joining up services to better support all our communities and people across Argyll and Bute. This means a better experience, better outcomes and better efficiency.

All the services which you know already are still there and there may be new services or ways of delivering services which will be an improvement for you.

How does it work

The Scottish Government set out the constitutional rules around integration and there were essentially two possible models. One called the ‘lead agency model’ which means one partner delegates some services and functions to the other which then becomes the host partner and budget holder on behalf of the Partnership.

The other model was the ‘body corporate’ which means Health and the local authority delegate the responsibility for planning and resourcing service provision for adult health and social care services to a new Integration Joint Board.

In Argyll and Bute we decided to adopt the second model which is a truly integrated approach that joins up health and social care services. It also means that the Health and Social Care Partnership replaces the Community Health Partnership.

Integration Scheme

The Scottish Government required that Health Boards and Local Authorities jointly prepare, consult and submit to Scottish Ministers an Integration Scheme by April 2015. This Scheme set out the key agreements that need to be reached in developing their integration arrangements. It included information such as:

1) The model of integration chosen
2) The scope of functions and services to be delegated
3) The clinical and care governance arrangements
4) Financial management
5) Operational arrangements

Please find below a copy of the Integration Scheme for Argyll and Bute