It’s a daily occurrence that a call centre will make contact with an elderly person, whether that be from inbound calls or via a telesales dialler. Whatever way you make contact, there are a number of things you can do to make your older persons experience as easy and stress free as possible. Here are some tip for call centre agents:

Try to be patient

It’s hard sometimes to be patient with elderly people, especially when you have lots of work to do; however, it’s often better to have the mindset of “unrushed speed” with older people – as trying to hurry them along will likely confused and/or scare them.

Try to take some time on each call, identify exactly what the caller wants, before explaining exactly what you’re going to do to help them.

It’s often a great idea to speak to a younger member of the family too – a daughter or son is often the best bet.

Try not to sell

This is extremely hard to telesales staff, as they all have targets to adhere too! Even so, sometimes it’s best to pull back from trying to convert – as older people can be vulnerable to sales tactics and you may discover that your sale doesn’t go through anyway.

Be aware of vulnerable people

It’s common for some vulnerable older people to not have power of attorney over their affairs. For this reason, it’s always good to double check if this is the case or not. When this occurs, you should deal directly with the person who deals with their affairs – whether that be a family member or close friend.